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Our vision is a chemical industry that serves society with innovations based on sustainable process and product technologies. We recognize that responsible and carefully integrated development of chemical technology is the key to further progresses toward sustainability in safety, public health and environmental protection. A proactive approach to the design of environmentally benign chemical processes and products is, in our mind, clearly the direction where the chemical industry must go, and where we can contribute.

New important publications

Direct and Air-Mediated Transfer of Labeled SVOCs from Indoor Sources to Dust 
Sukiene, Vilma; von Goetz, Natalie; Gerecke, Andreas C.; Bakker, Martine I.; Delmaar, Christiaan J.E.; Hungerbühler, Konrad (2017), Environmental Science & Technology. DOI

A network perspective reveals decreasing material diversity in studies on nanoparticle interactions with dissolved organic matter
Sani-Kast, Nicole; Labille, Jerome; Ollivier, Patrick; Slomberg, Danielle; Hungerbühler, Konrad; Scheringer, Martin (2017), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. PNAS



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